Get yourselves & your clients ready for a wasp free summer.....

Wasp bags

Ionian Environmental Kefalonia - Pest Control - Paul HayesWe add our special professional liquid & water to the bags, then hang them in the shade, maybe under a tree, up a couple of meters away from your patio/ eating area.
The wasps are then attracted to the bags leaving you to eat, drink & relax in peace.
We appreciate our environment & therefore we have a Bee repellent in our special liquid so the Bees are kept safe.

Only replace when full. Towards the end of the wasp season, there are more wasps than at the beginning. This obviously effects how quickly the bags fill up.


General info on wasps

Wasps tend to have approximately four year cycles, which as time moves on, leads to older Queens with more workers attending to her needs.

Wet springs can result in wasp nests being damaged or even washed away in heavy rains.
Exceptionally mild winters, combined with early, warm starts to spring, create ideal breeding conditions for all insects.

This can mean many nests survive, with wasps emerging in some numbers in July and August.

As a result, the number of wasps, flies, ants and fleas could soar.

Wasps can be a nuisance in summer, particularly late summer, when the workers no longer have to care for the young in the nest. Wasps are not regarded for being particularly aggressive. They sting to defend their nests. If they do sting humans or animals, it is usually due to the fact that they have been disturbed in some way.


Treatment of Wasps

We will dust the nest or entry point.
We use an insecticidal dust. The treatment is very quick and very effective. After the treatmeant there will be a significant amount of activity around the nest for 3-4 hours. The wasps should be completely eradicated within 48 hours. If the nest is active after this time, a revisit can be arranged. Once the wasps have been eradicated, the nest will not be used again. We do not remove the nest, although this can be arranged for an extra charge.