Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice

General Information

Rats and mice are found where there is food, water and shelter available to them.

Rats usually live in drains and sewers. They may emerge due to a defect in the drainage system. If this is the case, repairing the fault is important.

Mice can enter buildings where there is a gap into which a pencil can be fitted. It is important to block or seal these entry points.

To ensure that rodents eat the poison, all rubbish and food waste should be removed. We also advice that you refrain from feeding garden birds for two weeks as this is a food source for rodents. Bins and skips should be kept covered. Rodents require water and so any leaks should be repaired.

Treatment of Rodents

We will place small trays of rodenticide poison in any affected areas.

The rodents may not eay the bais straight awasy. Once they have taken the bait, the rodents may die in an inaccessible place. The bodies may smell as they decompose. If this happens, the smell may take sometime to clear. We can deodorise your premises, at an extra cost.