General Information

Garden ants are found throughout the country. They usually nest outdoors in lawns, flowerbeds, beneath paving slabs and at the base of walls. If ants have entered your house, they are in search of food, especially sweet food to take back to their nest. Ants are a nuisance due to their search for food but they do not carry germs or spread disease.

During the summer garden ants mate. Swarms of winged females (queens) and males leave the nest and take to the air on mating flights. This may happen on one or two warm afternoons. Once they have mated the male dies. The female loses her wings, buries herself in the soil to survive winter and in the spring starts a new nest.

If the ants are swarming outside it is often best to leave them alone. Using an insecticide may drive them indoors. Close windows to stop them from flying inside and the ants usually disappear within a few hours.


We will treat the internal wall/floor junctions of any affected rooms. They can also treat cupboards and work surfaces.

We use a residual insecticide. This means once it has dried, it will be toxic to the ants for several weeks. Do not wash the treated area for at least seven days unless it is essential, as this will remove the insecticide. Seeing one or two ants after an area has been treated is very common. If large numbers of ants are present after seven days, a revisit may be necessary.